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Why choose Tear Away Bead

The Tear Away Bead Family

Tear Away collagesTrim-Tex is the industry leader in creating products designed to solve common drywall finishing problems. Tear Away Bead is just one family of corner bead products created by Trim-Tex that was designed to make finishing drywall easier and cleaner with it’s patented tear off strip. The Tear Away Bead is used to finish the rough edge of the drywall and features a strip that acts as a guide for the taping knife. Trim-Tex features 8 uniquely designed Tear Away beads, all with different features that can be used in various drywall finishing solutions dependent on the specific project and need.

Tear Away collages2Tear Away beads are also designed to save time and money, and as the rise in construction costs increases, teamwork is needed more than ever between developer, contractor, the architect, and the interior designer to incorporate efficient quality products in building projects. By working together, architects and project managers can plan on selecting cost effective and time saving solutions like Tear Away Beads, to ensure these products are written into specs.

Quality speaks volume of a company’s work and reputation. Efficient and smart quality work is imperative in every phase of construction from design, planning, building and finishing, as well as proactive and effective building. Instead of completing jobs quickly and cheaply as possible, it’s important to provide superior product solutions upfront and deal with issues head on. Where caulk and flat tapping can become brittle and crack requiring callbacks to repair, Tear Away leaves a clean finish that will last for years to come.

Tear Away Case Studies 

As the rising trend in multi-family/multi-level units continues, especially the popular glass buildings and walls, so does the need for products that can be used specifically for these building projects such as sealing windows, creating moisture barrier drywall edges, and reducing sound transmission.

Eleven 40 Chicago (2)Trim-Tex has written several case studies on construction projects that have used Trim-Tex products including Tear Away Beads. The Eleven40 Chicago, a 26-story tower used Trim-Tex Super Seal Tear Away to finish around the window mullions. Super Seal features a flexible gasket that compresses during installation to form a permanent seal. The gasket compresses upon installation to form a permanent seal that replaces caulk and provides structural relief at the panel perimeter. It offers ¼” of movement, making it ideal for use in multi-level buildings subject to expansion and contraction. Also, by installing Super Seal Tear Away, it help to greatly reduce the sound transmission within the building.

AMLI Lofts (3)The construction company who built the AMLI Lofts, a multiple award-winning 11-story, sustainable upscale apartment community, used Flat Tear Away to achieve a high-end machine finished appearance that prevents cracking and maintain a luxurious long lasting look. Its flexible gasket protects interior corners from cracking while allowing for building compression and movement. This helps each wall maintain luxurious, smooth lines without the need for patching.

Cleveland Convention Center (6) Tear Away Bead family also includes the Tear Away Shadow and Archway Beads that have been incorporated into structures like the Cleveland Convention Center to create a reveal effect where the drywall butts up to the ceiling and base trim. The flexible properties of vinyl make it possible to install along curved walls. With a tight time line, the tear off strip expedited the installation process by leaving a clean finished edge that was free of mud, allowing the project to be finished ahead of schedule.

The benefits of using Tear Away Beads makes it a smart and superior money and time saving choice for any construction project. Click here to learn more about the Tear Away Bead line and the rest of Trim-Tex unique and premium corner beads. To read more about Time & Money Saving Solutions follow this link, or to answer any questions or place a Trim-Tex order contact our award winning Customer Service Team at 800-874-2333.

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