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Weather Fluctuation and Product Solutions

Climate Conditions

Climate condition is a big factor in any construction project. The changing of seasons brings an abundance of issues to every aspect of building and construction. Weather determines the materials we use, affect material durability, as well as the longevity of the building. Seasonal temperature change also differs in regions and in states, and is dependent on the type of terrain from coastal lands, to mountainous, flat lands, etc. It is important that we educate ourselves on the options available, and be proactive with the materials used on construction sites to better account for these effects.

Planning for Seasonal Weather Change

dealer, organizationFall and winter seasons are classic times for weather changes such as cold and moisture. Smart team will take into consideration possible risk factors and scenarios, then use materials best suited to handle those issues. Metals used in construction like iron and steel are susceptible to rust, especially in salt water environments, thereby making them weak and likely to need repair after floods, storms, and other major climate shifts.

Several consequences of severe weather appear in commercial and residential buildings alike. Building material distributors, should become familiar with the surrounding environment to help contractors select materials to solve regional weather and climate related building challenges .

Trim-Tex Solutions

Trim-Tex has developed corner bead products to solve and resolve issues like mold buildup, rust formation, and drywall cracking caused by weather related affects. The biggest advantage of vinyl corner beads is that they never rust, so they’ll last the life time of a building. This makes vinyl bead an excellent choice for hotels, healthcare and multi-unit developments that value creating healthy environments. Trim-Tex corner bead's are also self-extinguishing, therefore they improve the fire-resistance of the structure.


Products that allow room for movement during temperature shifts are pivotal when designing a building. Deflection is one type of movement that commonly occurs in multi-story buildings with concrete floors/decks. Deflection is caused by joist sag or concrete creep that puts pressure on the walls below. Over time, deflection can worsen causing visual concerns and additional maintenance costs. Deflection may also cause unsightly cracks in the drywall along the inside corners where the wall meets the ceiling. A great solution to withstand the stress of weather fluctuation and building movement is Trim-Tex Deflection Bead. It features a tall gasket that is designed to compress and expand under deflection, preventing inside corner cracking while maintaining a clean look against the wall. It provides protection for up to 7/16" of deflection. 

Another expansion bead that Trim-Tex created as a solution for the cracking problem due to building movement is Magic Corner. With an extremely flexible center it can be used on any inside corner where movement is an issue to prevent cracking. It nearly eliminates all edge cracking on off-angle walls and vaulted ceilings by providing up to ⅜" in controlled movement. Wherever there is a high probability of independent movement, especially in very cold temperatures, installing Trim-Tex Magic Corner in all corners of a common wall is a good idea to prevent cracks or loose tape. Looking for a solution around windows? Super Seal Tear Away L Bead features a flexible gasket that allows the building substrates to move with temperature fluctuation while maintaining a sealed and finished edge. 

Remodel Basement Water damage is a real problem for buildings during seasonal weather fluctuations. Moisture damage can lead to unsightly finishes, costly repairs, or dangerous health conditions. Many special materials have been developed to deal with these challenges, from treated gypsum boards, to plastic and vinyl fixtures and enclosures that won’t rust or mold. Basements are often the last area in a home to get finished and typically get completed quickly and cheaply. They are also often the most flooded spaces in a home, so proper building and/or remodeling of basement spaces is important to withstand against moisture buildup and flood damage. There are a variety of steps that can be taken to combat moisture concerns. First of all, drywall should not be attached directly to basement walls. Framing should be built and then drywall attached to the framing. This extra step can help inhibit mold issues. In addition, drywall should not be extended all the way to the floor. Instead, use cement board on the lower portion of the wall, about 10”-12” from the floor. Also, be sure to cover the lower part of the wall and floor with a moisture resistant product, like tile. When moisture is a serious concern, a drain system must be installed. In new home construction, French Drains or grate drains are commonly installed to direct water into a sump pump or away from the home.

Another step to prevent moisture related issues includes using vinyl corner bead in a basement. Unlike metal corner bead, vinyl will not rust when wet, which makes it the ideal material for basements and bathrooms. To protect the interior finish and ensure the longevity of the space, it's important to install products designed to withstand the effects of movement and moisture. 

Adapt and Change

The ability to adapt and change is a current main challenge for our industry. It’s important to not only develop new materials and products that withstand shifts in temperature, but it’s also important that these materials maintain their core strength when affected by unpredictable situations.

Trim-Tex is the industry leader in creating products designed to solve common drywall finishing problems. Trim-Tex manufactures top-of-the-line rigid vinyl drywall corner beads and finishing solutions. With over 45 years of experience, Trim-Tex offers one of the most complete lines of commercial and residential products. If you would like more information on these and other products contact our award winning Customer Service Team at 800-874-2333. 

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