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Wall Mounted Deflection Bead: The Local

TEmpe, AZ

A modern mixed-use development is being constructed in the heart of Tempe, AZ’s downtown. The building will contain a Whole Foods Market on its first floor with parking provided on the levels above it. The building will also include The Local, a five-story residential apartment complex with 286 units. Each unit has a modern industrial design with hints of vintage-inspired accents sprinkled throughout each unit. 


With the building undergoing the weight of 3 levels of parking as well as the weight of concrete decks, Contractor E&K of Phoenix Inc. needed a solution that would withstand the weight of the variable loads that the building would undergo. E&K of Phoenix Inc. chose Trim-Tex Wall Mounted Deflection Bead to accommodate for building movement.  


Wall Mounted Deflection Bead features a flexible gasket that expands and contracts under building movement, preventing cracks from occurring in the ceiling due to deflection. By allowing room for building movement, E&K of Phoenix, Inc. saved in potential time and money that come from maintenance costs and structural damage, and therefore found a cost effective, efficient solution that would expand the life of the building. Wall Mounted Deflection Bead also features a tear off strip which provided the finishers on the project with a clean, quality finish to their work. 

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project facts

Square Feet: 580,000
Number of Stories: 9
Developer: Forum Real Estate Group
Architect: Humphreys and Partners Architects/ ESG Architects
General Contractor: J.E. Dunn Construction
Contractor: E&K of Phoenix Inc. 


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Wall Mounted Defelction Bead

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