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Top 5 Trim-Tex Videos for 2018

Trim-Tex is the industry leader in creating products designed to solve common drywall finishing problems. We not only go above and beyond to give our customers quality products, but also quality content to ensure that our customers are fully equipped out on the field, leading the way with the jobs that they do. We looked back on our video content for 2018 and came up with the top five most viewed videos for 2018.


#5: How to Install Flat Access Door Panels

Trim-Tex Flat Access Door Panels made it the the fifth most watched video of 2018. Perfect for effortless access to any space requiring frequent or regular access, these door panels provide a seamless solution in both residential and commercial projects. The panels can be easily painted or textured and are made from glass fiber reinforced gypsum. Available in Hinged and Pop-Out versions.

#4 Finishing Against Substrates: Installing Mud Set Flat Tear Away

Trim-Tex Mud Set Flat Tear Away is designed without a return leg so that it can be used in tight areas where the drywall was butted too close against a substrate to fit the return leg. The Flat Tear Away creates a finished edge against a substrate such as a window, door, or other building components and features an extra long tear off strip for a clean finish.

#3 Quick Pro Tip: Finishing Against Substrates with Flat Tear Away Bead

Enrique Perez, Trim-Tex's in-house finishing expert, makes an appearance in the third most watched Trim-Tex video of 2018. Trim-Tex hosts a series of video tips where Enrique provides Trim-Tex solutions for problems that appear on jobsites. In this tip, Enrique describes the features of Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away while going through situations where this solution can be used. 

#2 Preventing Cracking Due to Expansion with Trim-Tex Expansion Control Joint Solutions

Trim-Tex offers several solutions for cracking that can occur in control joints.
093V, Fire Rated 093V, and Hideaway Expansion Beads all provide 3/8" of protection for horizontal movement against the stresses of expansion and contraction and feature tear off strips to protect the center from mud to provide a clean finish. 

#1 Finishing Off Angle Inside Corners While Preventing Cracks With Mud Set Magic Corner

Ending the most watched video countdown of 2018 is Trim-Tex's Mud Set Magic Corner. Finishing inside corners can be a time consuming project on any jobsite, but luckily Trim-Tex provides a solution for this issue. Trim-Tex's Mud Set Magic Corner is designed to quickly finish any inside corner while eliminating edge cracking on all off-angle walls and vaulted ceilings. 

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