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Trim-Tex Top 5 Sampled Products of 2018

Trim-Tex makes it easy to get a corner bead into your hands and to give you the freedom to visualize your projects. We offer 9-inch samples of hundreds of products designed to solve common drywall finishing problem. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive top quality corner finishing solutions. Here's a list we compiled of our Top 5 Products that were sampled in 2018. Read on to learn how these products can can solve your building solutions.


#5: J Bead

JBead JBead_Shadow JBead_Mud

Trim-Tex's first product that launched rigid vinyl into the drywall industry over 40 years ago, replacing galvanized metal, which would rust and dent increasing building maintenance costs. Use J Bead to finish rough drywall ends and under all door and window encasements. 


#4 Corner Guard 

Corner Gaurd Corner Gaurd2 Corner Gaurd3

Trim-Tex Corner Guards are made from a vinyl material that is stiff enough to stay upright for ease of installation yet soft enough to absorb displace impact while remaining undamaged. They easily install over 90º finished corners and provides high impact corner protection in 4’ and 8’ lengths. Install using adhesive caulk. Available in 8 standard colors and custom colors that may take up to a two week lead time.

#3 Architectural Z Shadow Bead

ZShadow ZShadow2 ZShadow3

Architectural Z Shadow Bead creates the sharpest clean edge reveal effect when butting up to ceilings, base trim, and other finished interior architectural components. 


#2 Architectural Reveal Bead

5110 Reveal Reveal2

Architectural Reveal Beads are a great way to add interesting design elements to a bare wall. The properties of rigid vinyl allow the reveals to form around curved walls with the additional benefits of built-in expansion for up to 1/8" of movement. The Reveal Bead mud bump ensures the bead will finish with clean, straight, modern lines.

#1 L Bead & Archway

LBead_Archway LBead_Archway4 LBead_Archway3

Traditional design, finishes with a slight radius edge. L Beads are used to finish the rough edge of the drywall. Archway is great around duct work and piping, for finishing columns, curved walls and soffits. Archway minimum 10" inside radius or 15" outside radius.

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