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Flat Access Panels: Timbers Kiawah

Kiawah island, south carolina 

25 minutes south of Charleston, Timbers Resorts bought an $11 million oceanfront lot located on the golfer’s paradise, Kiawah Island. Kiawah Island spans across 123 acres and is known for its beautiful marshes, miles of hiking and biking trails, and its five championship golf courses. Timbers Resorts is constructing the first multi-family style private residence club on the island, where Trim-Tex Flat Access Panels are being installed to compliment the open floor plan design of the residencies. 


The Timbers Kiawah showcases 21 residences, each designed to have open floor plans with rooms fully furnished with contemporary decor as well as spacious decks. The design is meant to be light and natural to reflect the island’s tranquil atmosphere and give residents a place to unwind and relax. Residents can choose between two different layouts: a 2,200 sq. ft. 3 bedroom residence with a 400 sq. ft. terrace or a 3,780 sq. ft. 4 bedroom penthouse with a 1,600 sq. ft. terrace.

Contractors often face the challenge of concealing panels that provide access to necessary electrical units, water mains, gas pipes, and other valves that require frequent access. In order to match the minimal look of the open floor plan residencies, The Circle Group LLC chose to use our seamless Flat Access Door Panels to give the space necessary access while maintaining a subtle look that blends into the minimalist appeal of the space. The panels are moisture resistant and rust proof, so they can also be used in showers, bathrooms, and other areas that are high in moisture. The panels come in either square or rounded styles and multiple sizes, and the texture of the panels allows them to be painted over, giving architects and contractors many options to work with in different types of spaces. 

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project facts

Project Cost: $50 million
Architect: Poss Architecture + Planning
General Contractor: BL Harbert
Developer: Timbers Resorts
Contractor: The Circle Group LLC

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