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The Next Generation of Corner Bead is Here

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Fast Edge® requires no glue or staples for faster installation, and uses Trim-Tex's patented Mud Lock Technology for the strongest bond you can rely on.

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What gives it THE competitive edge?

  • Reduces mud usage due to a solid, no holes design and specially engineered tapered legs
  • Uniquely engineered flexible hinge adjusts to imperfect framing while maintaining the integrity of the vinyl corner bead
  • Creates a superior bond due to our patented Mud Lock Technology
  • Designed with a flexible sharp nose and no mud bump
  • Save a day with one less coat 
  • Installs using the same methods as other mud-on beads

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What are the advantages of
Fast Edge®?

  • Installs faster and finishes easier compared to the competition
  • The high quality vinyl material requires no surface treatment to paint

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How does paper take it over the edge?

  • Extended paper surface for increased bonding strength
  • Uses the same amount of mud or less compared to other paper faced beads


Fast & Easy Installation

  • Installs the same as other mud applied drywall corner beads
  • Sharp nose and no bump means less mud use
  • Made with dent-resistant, rust proof material


 Patented Mud Lock Technology

  • Mud wraps around specially engineered Mud Lock hooks to increase and strengthen bond 

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