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How Matt Risinger Used Trim-Tex to Finish His Own Home

We were thrilled to learn that 'The Build Show' star Matt Risinger used Trim-Tex to finish...

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Create a Trimless Door with Architectural Z Shadow Bead

Incorporate a modern, minimalist look into your doorways and create trimless doors with Ar...

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Finishing Drywall Around a Shower Flange

Quickly and easily start finishing drywall around a shower flange and tub enclosure by usi...

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How to Save Time and Material Using Fast Caps

Here’s how to save time and material using Fast Caps, with some help from our friends over...

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How to Finish Mud Set Bullnose Bead Like a Pro

Here’s how to get a leg up on the competition and finish Mud Set Bullnose Bead like a pro!

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Comparing Vinyl Corner Bead Installation Methods

There are three techniques to consider when comparing vinyl corner bead installation metho...

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How to Use Shadow Bead Like a Pro

There’s something so modern and unique about a trimless look around your floor-to-wall joi...

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Drywall 101: The Roadmap for Drywall Layout

In this edition of Drywall 101, we’re going to take a photographic look at the various ele...

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Full Speed Ahead: Installing Fast Edge® Paper

We made Fast Edge Paper to help finishers take back some time with their corners — in this...

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Cracks Along Your Ceiling Corners? Here's How to Prevent Truss Uplift

Let's take a look at the primary truss uplift cause and solutions, like Truss Backing Angl...

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Tips for Finishers in Freezing Weather

With the cold air comes a new set of challenges — here are some tips for finishers in free...

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Finishing Window Returns With Mud Set Bead

The areas around windows can easily get damaged, so outfit them with the best possible pro...

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The Easiest Ways to Pull Off Perfectly Flat Drywall Ceilings

How do you achieve perfectly flat drywall ceilings every time? Here are a couple of the ea...

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Stick to It: How to Use 847 Spray Adhesive Like a Pro

Even some pro finishers might not know how to use 847 Spray Adhesive the right way. In thi...

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A Pro's Guide to Installing Fire Gasket

This is your step-by-step guide to installing Fire Gasket — the expert's way, cutting no c...

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3 Great New Year’s Goals for Finishers

Here are 3 great New Year’s Goals for finishers that you can use as a springboard to grow ...

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Rip It Good: How to Use Tear Away L Bead

Just about every day, someone asks us how to use Tear Away L Bead. In this video, we'll sh...

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Drywall 101: The 6 Levels of Drywall Finishing

In this edition of Drywall 101, we'll provide you with a guide to the industry's 6 levels ...

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How to Fireproof Walls 5 Times Faster

For speedy firestopping installation, it’s hard to outpace Fire Gasket, which is able to f...

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Why You Should Be Soundproofing Wall Joints With Vinyl

Along with preventing the spread of smoke and fire, soundproofing wall joints matters. Her...

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Backing You Up: How to Use Buttboard

In this video, we visit a jobsite to show a construction crew how to use Buttboard to elim...

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Drywall 101: The History of Corner Bead Materials

To help make sense of how drywall accessories have advanced through the years, let’s take ...

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Think Big: How to Use Super and Giant L Bead

The extra-wide return legs on the Super and Giant L Beads cover the return edge of a windo...

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Why Masters of Drywall Love Mud Set Bead

Trim-Tex's Mud Set Bead is more durable and bonds to the drywall tighter than any other co...

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Which Fire Rated Drywall Accessory Is Right for You?

If you've already thrown out your sealants in favor of new firestopping tech, how do you k...

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