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How to Finish Drywall Around Windows with Tear Away L Bead

Here’s how to finish drywall around windows with Tear Away L Bead, as demonstrated by Stev...

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How to Finish Around Archways Like a Pro

Here’s how to finish around archways like a pro, with a demonstration from a master of the...

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What Is the Black Widow® Pro Sander?

Black Widow Pro Sander the go-to abrasive choice for pro drywall finishers because it make...

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Drywall Finishing Solutions for Minimalist Design

By learning to integrate drywall finishing solutions for minimalist design, rooms can quic...

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What Makes Magic Corner So Magical?

It's been used in tens of millions of homes and massive buildings like Chicago’s United Ce...

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Drywall 101: Prevent Drywall Cracks

Ceilings, walls, and edges all require specific consideration to prevent drywall cracks fr...

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How to Install Paper-Covered Corner Bead Like a Pro

Here’s how to install paper-covered corner bead like a pro, courtesy of our friend PRC Tap...

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How to Install Flat Tear Away (With Drywall Shorty)

Learn how to install Flat Tear Away around a fireplace mantle from our expert friend Lydia...

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Cast Your Shadow: Where to Use Z Shadow Bead

Here’s where to use Z Shadow Bead, whether you’re looking to jazz up your base trim or you...

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Want an Alternative to Metal Corner Bead? Try Closed Angle Vinyl

If you’re looking for an alternative to metal corner bead and aren’t used to vinyl, we rec...

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Finish in a Flash: How to Use Fast Caps

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using this ingenious little time-saver, here’s how to ...

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What Is Buttboard and Why Should I Use It?

People want to know: What is Buttboard? How do I use it? Why do some of my drywall buddies...

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Drywall Shorty Shows You How to Install Vinyl Corner Bead

In this video, Lydia Crowder, AKA Drywall Shorty, shows you how to install vinyl corner be...

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2 Ways to Finish Chamfer Bead at Baseboards

These are the two best ways to finish Chamfer Bead at baseboards — there’s the hard way an...

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Benefits of Using Vinyl Corner Bead Over Metal

In the drywall finishing world, there’s a long-running debate — vinyl or metal? Here are j...

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Creating a Coffered Ceiling With Chamfer Bead

Creating a coffered ceiling with Chamfer Bead means you’ve got a room worth bragging about...

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How to Install Magic Corner Like a Pro

To add a touch of magic to your inside corners, here’s how to install Magic Corner like a ...

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Transitioning Reveal Corner Beads Without Adapters

Flawlessly transition Reveal Corner Beads without adapters to save on cost and labor.

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How Gary Johnston Plastering & Drywall Finishes Fast Edge®

Trim-Tex’s Fast Edge was a no-brainer for the outside corners of this lovely custom home b...

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Working with Architectural Reveal Beads

The possibilities are limitless when incorporating Architectural Reveal Beads in your proj...

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Combine Magic Corner & Fast Edge® for Top-Notch Tray Ceilings

A recent custom home build Burr Ridge, Ill., got creative by combining Trim-Tex’s Magic Co...

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Bridging the Gap with Shower Bead

Shower Bead is Trim-Tex’s extra-wide, streamlined solution to bridging the gap between dry...

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Create Flush Baseboards with Architectural L Bead

Modernize any space by creating flush baseboards with the clean and sharp lines of Archite...

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How Matt Risinger Used Trim-Tex to Finish His Own Home

We were thrilled to learn that 'The Build Show' star Matt Risinger used Trim-Tex to finish...

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Create a Trimless Door with Architectural Z Shadow Bead

Incorporate a modern, minimalist look into your doorways and create trimless doors with Ar...

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