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Jessica Serna: Women in Drywall

Jessica Serna is a 'Jane-of-all-trades,' working in commercial construction in central Ore...

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Trim-Tex Welcomes James Barlow

Trim-Tex welcomed a new teammate recently. “JB” James Barlow comes to us after a 20 year c...

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Top 10 Trim-Tex Articles of 2020

These are the top 10 Trim-Tex articles of 2020, based on how many of you read them, discus...

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Your Next Trim-Tex Order Will Have Automatic Tracking Info

To make the lives of our supply dealers easier, every Trim-Tex order will now come with au...

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Top 5 Most Popular Products of 2020

These are the top 5 most popular products of 2020 that you’ve been mudding and buzzing abo...

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Kristi Slade: Women in Drywall

From baking to taping, Kristi Slade follows her passions (with help from her Finishing Tra...

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Meet Matt Totsch, Trim-Tex’s New CFO

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Trim-Tex family — we’ve just welcom...

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DeAnne Shallcross: Women in Drywall

If you’ve ever used a drywall taping knife, you may owe DeAnne Shallcross’ family a debt o...

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Code Compliance Is Changing, in a Major Way

Code compliance is changing, and you’ve got a front-row seat to see how. We've launched a ...

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How Firestopping Has Advanced Through the Years

These fire rated drywall accessories are the culmination of how firestopping has advanced ...

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5 Questions for Trim-Tex Sales Manager Don Dathe

Meet Don Dathe, the Trim-Tex regional sales manager with a lifetime of expertise in the tr...

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Why You Should Be Soundproofing Wall Joints With Vinyl

Along with preventing the spread of smoke and fire, soundproofing wall joints matters. Her...

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Meg Robertson: Women in Drywall

In this edition of Women in Drywall, drywaller and local politician Meg Robertson is livin...

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The Lessons Coronavirus Taught Trim-Tex

There have been numerous important lessons coronavirus has taught Trim-Tex to make us a be...

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Cheryl Meneguzzi: Women in Drywall

In this edition of Women in Drywall, we'll meet Cheryl Meneguzzi, who, as president of Can...

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Mari Kaschalk: Women in Drywall

In this edition of Women in Drywall, we'll meet Mari Kaschalk, who went from stay-at-home ...

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Introducing Hotrod® XL: Firestopping in a Single Step

Installation of Hotrod® XL is simple and fast — pre-install it to the drywall before hangi...

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Why Firestopping Solutions for Wall Joints Are So Important

Firestopping solutions for wall joints could make all the difference to save lives, and st...

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Trim-Tex Is for Drywall Wizards & Weekend Warriors Alike

Whether you’re a drywaller who just wants to get the job done better and faster, or you wa...

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Trim-Tex Team Takes on Six Sigma ‘Green Belt’ Training

Six Sigma Green Belts are trained to become ninjas of efficiency, across all sorts of depa...

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Introducing Sound Gasket, a Trailblazing Sound Rated Drywall Accessory

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our latest product, the most advanced drywall acc...

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‘The House That Jordan Built’ Was Built With Trim-Tex

Did you know that, just beneath the surface, the United Center, 'The House that Jordan Bui...

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Trim-Tex is Open for Business, Thanks to Our Essential Team!

As Trim-Tex remains open for business, we want to share with you the steps we are taking t...

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This Earth Day, Trim-Tex Remains Proud to Be Green!

How is Trim-Tex celebrating Earth Day? By doing what we always do — finding ways we can ma...

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The Trim-Tex Family Celebrates Its 51st Anniversary

A lot has changed since we opened our doors 51 years ago, but one thing never has: Trim-Te...

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