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Top 5 Trim-Tex Articles of 2021

This past year, we published an article every single week — these were your top 5 Trim-Tex...

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Top 5 Most Popular Trim-Tex Solutions of 2021

Drywall finishing was back in full swing this year, and for some, it was busier than ever ...

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Trim-Tex Gives Back: Cards for Hospitalized Kids

One of Trim-Tex’s Core Values is to “Pay It Forward,” and today we're spotlighting a chari...

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What Is a Fire Rated 093V Expansion Bead?

What is a Fire Rated 093V Expansion Bead? It’s the total package for fire rated control jo...

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Women in Drywall: Drywall Shorty Drops by Trim-Tex

This past September, Lydia Crowder — better known to most as DrywallShorty — visited Trim-...

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Why Are Trim-Tex’s Firestopping Solutions Pink?

Trim-Tex's fire rated drywall accessories are hot commodities because they're faster and e...

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Jobsite Journals: Finishing a Modern House in Southern Illinois

We’re taking a look at a sleek, modern home in Southern Illinois, finished to perfection b...

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The One Thing That Will Never Change at Trim-Tex

No matter how many other things change about our business, Trim-Tex's commitment to solvin...

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Britt Priluchnyi: Women in Drywall

In this edition of 'Women in Drywall', Britt Priluchnyi was considering a huge career chan...

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The Trim-Tex Sales Team Is Back on the Road!

The Trim-Tex sales team is now 100 percent vaccinated, back out on the road all over the U...

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Women in Drywall: Path to Professional Tradeswoman, Part 2

In the second and final part our 'Women in Drywall: Path to Professional Tradeswoman' seri...

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Introducing the New, Smaller Fire Gasket 0.5”

The smaller Fire Gasket 0.5” provides the same level of protection against the passage of ...

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Building a Bright Future for Modular Housing

Modular housing is on the rise, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Here's ho...

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Trim-Tex’s Commitment to Sustainability

Trim-Tex’s commitment to sustainability starts from day one of production, and continues t...

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Women in Drywall: Path to Professional Tradeswoman, Part 1

There are many paths to becoming a professional tradeswoman — but if you’re considering a ...

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Women in Drywall Update: Catching Up With Kristi Slade

A lot's happened since we last spoke to the energetic, union-proud drywall finisher Kristi...

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Jessica Serna: Women in Drywall

Jessica Serna is a 'Jane-of-all-trades,' working in commercial construction in central Ore...

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Trim-Tex Welcomes James Barlow

Trim-Tex welcomed a new teammate recently. “JB” James Barlow comes to us after a 20 year c...

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Top 10 Trim-Tex Articles of 2020

These are the top 10 Trim-Tex articles of 2020, based on how many of you read them, discus...

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Your Next Trim-Tex Order Will Have Automatic Tracking Info

To make the lives of our supply dealers easier, every Trim-Tex order will now come with au...

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Top 5 Most Popular Products of 2020

These are the top 5 most popular products of 2020 that you’ve been mudding and buzzing abo...

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Kristi Slade: Women in Drywall

From baking to taping, Kristi Slade follows her passions (with help from her Finishing Tra...

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Meet Matt Totsch, Trim-Tex’s New CFO

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Trim-Tex family — we’ve just welcom...

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DeAnne Shallcross: Women in Drywall

If you’ve ever used a drywall taping knife, you may owe DeAnne Shallcross’ family a debt o...

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Code Compliance Is Changing, in a Major Way

Code compliance is changing, and you’ve got a front-row seat to see how. We've launched a ...

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