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Why Firestopping Solutions for Wall Joints Are So Important

Firestopping solutions for wall joints could make all the difference to save lives, and st...

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Trim-Tex Is for Drywall Wizards & Weekend Warriors Alike

Whether you’re a drywaller who just wants to get the job done better and faster, or you wa...

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Trim-Tex Team Takes on Six Sigma ‘Green Belt’ Training

Six Sigma Green Belts are trained to become ninjas of efficiency, across all sorts of depa...

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Introducing Sound Gasket, a Trailblazing Sound Rated Drywall Accessory

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our latest product, the most advanced drywall acc...

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‘The House That Jordan Built’ Was Built With Trim-Tex

Did you know that, just beneath the surface, the United Center, 'The House that Jordan Bui...

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Trim-Tex is Open for Business, Thanks to Our Essential Team!

As Trim-Tex remains open for business, we want to share with you the steps we are taking t...

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This Earth Day, Trim-Tex Remains Proud to Be Green!

How is Trim-Tex celebrating Earth Day? By doing what we always do — finding ways we can ma...

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The Trim-Tex Family Celebrates Its 51st Anniversary

A lot has changed since we opened our doors 51 years ago, but one thing never has: Trim-Te...

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More Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the Time

We took a crack at answering some of the questions Trim-Tex’s awesome Customer Service tea...

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Why Construction Is Considered an ‘Essential Service’

In many states, construction is an 'essential service' exempt from shelter-in-place mandat...

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Women in Drywall: The Taping Queen Tours Trim-Tex

Working with Trim-Tex’s Women’s Group, we flew in a drywaller we love to talk Women in Dry...

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Shower Bead Chosen as a Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Media

Trim-Tex is proud to announce that BUILDINGS has selected Shower Bead as a 2020 Money-Savi...

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Amanda Lechner: Women in Drywall

In this edition of Women in Drywall, we’ll introduce you to Amanda Lechner, who’s doing gr...

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10 Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the Time

Here are the answers to 10 of the most commonly asked questions Trim-Tex's Customer Servic...

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How Much Time and Material Will Fast Edge® Actually Save You?

We claim that Fast Edge is going to help contractors save tons of time and material — and ...

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These Hot New Products Are Coming Soon From Trim-Tex

2020 is shaping up to be a huge year for Trim-Tex, with a line of hot new products. Get re...

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Joyce Nieves: Women in Drywall

In this edition of “Women in Drywall,” we introduce you to Joyce Nieves, a relatively new ...

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Trim Tex's Learning Culture Turns Teachers Into Students

We encourage everyone in our company to open themselves up to new ways of thinking — we be...

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Most Requested Product Samples of 2019

Have you tried to top 5 most requested Trim-Tex products of 2019? Take a look back at the ...

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ProReModeler Features Trim-Tex: High-Tech Taping Solutions

Pro ReModeler recently partnered with Trim-Tex in a recent Boardwalk Builders project that...

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Products Magazine: Trim-Tex Trim Options for Creative Space-Making

Trim-Tex was recently featured in Products Magazine’s 9 Drywall Trim Options for Creative ...

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The Next Generation of Corner Bead is Here

Fast Edge® Family of Corner Beads installs faster and easier compared to the competition.

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Trim-Tex Expansion Products in the Hospitality Industry

High volume, high turnover, guest comfort and expectations: architects designing for the h...

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Trim-Tex Top 5 Sampled Products of 2018

Trim-Tex is the industry leader in creating products designed to solve common drywall fini...

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Top 5 Trim-Tex Videos for 2018

Trim-Tex is the industry leader in creating products designed to solve common drywall fini...

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