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Silver Reveal Case Study: Appleton Wisconsin

appleton, wisconsin

Family-owned Kolosso Toyota of Appleton, WI is making room for more business with a new 66,100 square-foot building being constructed in their neighboring lot. Since the construction of the current dealership in 1979, there have been four different additions to the building. Co-owners and siblings Bill and Barb Kolosso decided it was time to make room for the increasing business by constructing a new dealership with over twenty offices and a showroom that will be twice as big as the last.


Gries Architectural Group, Inc. is designing the new dealership to have a sleek, modern look. Contractor Construction Solutions advocated for Trim-Tex Silver Reveal and Pre-Made Intersections to be used for the ceiling design in the entrance of the Kolosso Toyota showroom. Construction Solutions Owner Eric Akey chose these Trim-Tex solutions because it was a quarter of the cost of aluminum and easier to install. No backing is required for the vinyl reveal, which allows the bead to simply be stapled into place, saving Akey’s team time during the installation process. By choosing the pre-made intersections, Akey and his crew saved over two hours' worth of time in tedious mitering as well as kept waste to a minimum by investing in the precut pieces. Project Leader Jesse Schabo was not only surprised by the quick installation time, but also by how closely the color matches aluminum. “I mean, even up close looking at it, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference,” said Schabo.


Trim-Tex Silver Reveal is designed to match the look of aluminum, while still providing the flexibility, strength and durability of vinyl. The Silver Reveal will provide modern details in the ceiling of the Kolosso Toyota showroom, while allowing for a full ⅛" of expansion control. The length of the bead is rigid, which means that it will install straight and not kink or bend like runs of aluminum will.

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project facts

Square feet: 66,100  
Architect: Gries Architectural Group, Inc.
General Contractor/Developer: Utschig, Inc.
Contractor: Construction Solutions

trim-tex products

AS5110S Silver Architectural Reveal Bead
Silver Architectural Reveal 4 Way Intersections

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