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Rip It Good: How to Use Tear Away L Bead

Rip It Good: How to Use Tear Away L BeadEven though we’ve got a weighty catalog of over 200 different drywall accessories, for some finishers out there, the name “Trim-Tex” basically means just one thing: Tear Away Bead. That’s not something we mind too much — we’re glad this handy solution has connected with so many folks in such a major way (and, after all, we love watching those videos of people peeling off their tear away strips in one go!). Just about every day, someone asks us how to use Tear Away L Bead for their next project, and it’s never a question we get tired of answering.

So when Brian from Drywall Nation offered to demonstrate how to use Tear Away L Bead on a tub surround for us, we thought it would be a great opportunity to explain to those unfamiliar with Tear Away Bead what all the fuss is about.

And if you are familiar with this type of bead, you’ll know it’s worth sticking around until the end of this video to check out the always-satisfying tearing-off of the bead’s tear-off strip!


As Brian shows in the video, the star of the show on Tear Away L Bead is the perforated flange running down the side of the bead. It both acts as a guide for your knife and as a kind of built-in, vinyl painter’s tape that protects the area around the bead from mud.

Rip It Good: How to Use Tear Away L BeadThis means, when you’re mudding in the bead, you can apply compound all the way up to the mud bump without fear of splashing any over into the adjoining surface. Then, when you’re ready, just rip away the tear-off strip to leave a clean, crisp edge every time.

While Brian shows off how to use Tear Away L Bead on a tub surround, that’s not the only kind of detail this solution’s great for; lots of finishers especially like to use it to finish around windows and doors. It also comes in a variety of forms for a variety of needs — from Super Seal, which features a compression gasket for tighter permanent seals, to the XT, which features an extra-tall tear-off strip for extra protection.

Learn more about the importance of a tear-off strip here, and you can request a sample pack of Tear Away L Bead and some of these additional styles below!


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