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ProReModeler Features Trim-Tex: High-Tech Taping Solutions

  • magic corner expansion bead

Less Mud and Straighter Joints

Home renovation improvement projects are trending and continue to rise in popularity due to many factors including pent up renovation demands, system upgrading, fixer upper projects, and renovations due to natural disasters. Along with renovation and remodeling projects we are seeing a rise in Modern design which focuses on clean, straight, sharp lines with limited detail and ornamentation. Manufacturers are recognizing the interest in modern design and offering new products and ways to achieve the simpler subtle style.

Pro ReModeler recently partnered with Trim-Tex in a recent Boardwalk Builders project that used a handful of vinyl solutions on their ceilings and around windows to achieve this modern look and feel. The ceiling of this project prominently featured off-angle joints that required special finishing and taping solutions to create perfectly straight lines. To achieve this, Boardwalk Builders used Trim-Tex Magic Corner Expansion Bead which helped to speed up installation while saving on mud usage. The application of the Expansion Bead handles movement of up 3/8-in and is applied with Trim-Tex 847 Spray Adhesive. They were able to custom trim the bead to the required length with snips, and spray with 847 Spray for a strong bond without the additional use of mud.

To create a clean and modern look around the drywall window returns, Trim-Tex Tear Away L Bead was used where the drywall jamb and the window frame meet. Tear Away L Bead can be applied with 847 Spray Adhesive. The tear away strip on the L-Bead acts as a guide for the taping knife and as a protective mask for muddling. The removable strip leaves a crisp straight finish when installation and muddying is completed.

Outside window corners were finished with Fast Edge® Paper bead, a product designed with tapered legs and a flexible hinge corner that accommodates irregular framing. The sharp no mud bump nose also drastically saves on mud usage compared to traditional metal or paper covered beads. Fast Edge® and Fast Edge® Paper vinyl beads were designed for fast and simple install using only mud and our patented Mud Lock Technology which creates a stronger bond and is dent and rust resistant, making it an ideal solution for home improvement projects. The finishing result is a straight edge and a sleek polished look. 


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