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Building Codes & Safety Regulations

Developed to keep contractors and the inhabitants of buildings safe, these regulations are...

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Trim-Tex 847 Low VOC Spray Adhesive

Trim-Tex introduces the new regulation compliant 847 Spray. The new formula will reduce VO...

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Weather Fluctuation and Product Solutions

Climate condition is a big factor in any construction project. The changing of seasons bri...

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BOSS Magazine feature: Trim-Tex Creating A Community

As the excitement for the upcoming Trim-Tex 50th Anniversary approaches in 2019, Trim-Tex ...

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Trim-Tex Truss Backing Angle

Trim-Tex Truss Backing Angle eliminates inside ceiling corner cracking due to truss uplift...

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Pro Tip: Using Truss Backing Angle as Blocking

Trim-Tex Truss Backing Angle not only eliminates inside ceiling corner cracking caused by ...

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New VOC Compliant 847 Spray Adhesive

Trim-Tex introduces the NEW regulation compliant 847™ Spray. The new formula will reduce V...

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Trim-Tex Gives Back: Ronald McDonald House

As a family-owned business, Trim-Tex values connecting to our community. Whether it's the ...

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Dieter Kitzul: Trim-Tex Drywall Artist of the Year 2017

We're proud to present Dieter Kitzul as Trim-Tex's Drywall Artist of the Year 2017. Kitzul...

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Labor Shortage and Women in the Trades

Why aren’t new laborers entering the field? And why aren’t we taking steps to fix it?

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Pro Tip: Truss Backing Angle

Trim-Tex Owner Joe Koenig takes over our Pro Tips and brings us on a jobsite to demonstrat...

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Time & Money Saving Contractor Solutions

Saving time and money is one of the top concern for contractors. Fortunately, there are a ...

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Deflection Bead Case Study: Millworks Lofts

The old industrial Millworks Lofts has been reborn from a run-down factory and sheds into ...

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Pro Tip: Time Saving Solutions for Finishing Windows

Trim-Tex offers window finishing solutions that prevent cracks against windows, save you m...

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300th Truck to California Distribution Center

Celebrate with Trim-Tex as we send out our 300th truck to our distribution center in Orang...

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Drywall in Manufactured Housing

Good finishing products allow these modular structures to feel more and more as if they ar...

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Giant L Bead/Archway Study: W Brisbane Hotel

Strikingly overlooking the Brisbane River stands the new W Brisbane Hotel. This is the fir...

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Magic Corner Case Study: Jewel Towers, AU

Construction of the Jewel Towers is underway and progressing well on the beach shores of G...

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093X-V Case Study: Lakeside Village of Oak Brook

The Lakeside Village of Oak Brook is a four-story 315 multi-family development with high-e...

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Trim-Tex Chosen as a Money-Saving Product

Trim-Tex is honored to have won the Top 8 Interior Products from BUILDINGS 2018 Money-Savi...

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Premium Dual Angle Sanding Block

Trim-Tex announces our Premium Dual Angle Sanding Block to the abrasive lineup. Just like ...

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Trim-Tex Hosts Lemons of Love Charity Event

Trim-Tex had a blast hosting Adventure Night with Lemons of Love to help raise money for L...

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Pro Tip: Corner Guard Solutions

Trim-Tex Corner Guard is a great option if you're looking to protect your 90 degree corner...

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Trim-Tex Silver Architectural Line

The Trim-Tex Silver Architectural Line is designed to match the look of clear anodized fin...

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Trim-Tex is Honored to Receive Giving Back Award

Trim-Tex is honored to have received the 2017 Giving Back Award from Affiliated Distributo...

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