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J and Tear Away L Bead Case Study: US Bank Stadium

minneapolis, mn

The US Bank stadium in Minneapolis, MN features miles and miles of Trim-Tex L Bead. This project features not just one, but 3 different styles of L Bead. Tear Away L Bead was used to finish the bottom edge of long runs of drywall throughout the stadium. Additionally, Mud On J Bead was used where drywall butts up to other substrates such as masonry to create a clean finished detail.

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    Photo Credit: US Bank Stadium 
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$1.027 billion project
Architect: HKS
General Contractor: Mortenson Construction
Drywall Company: Custom Drywall


Flat Tear Away
Tear Away L Bead
Fast Cap
Tear Away XT L Bead Extra Tall Masking

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