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Google Data Center: Clarksville, TN

Clarksville, Tennessee

New prospects shine from a previously abandoned property in Clarksville, TN where Google is constructing one of its new data centers. On March 18, 2018, Google broke ground on the late site of Hemlock Semiconductor to construct the $600 million center. This data center is part of Google’s $2.5 billion investment in data center development throughout the southeastern United States, with other centers being constructed in Alabama, Oregon, Virginia and Oklahoma. The data center in Clarksville is projected to provide over 70 new jobs in high-tech to residents as well as bring the Google brand recognition to the area. Google has already awarded over $450,000 to local schools and non-profits as well as supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) initiatives through grants and programs. 

Google’s Data Centers contain rows and rows of machinery, multiple buildings, and dedicated workers in order for Google’s cloud and search operations to function. With all the machinery and computing systems running to process an average of 40 million searches per second, Valley Interior Systems needed to keep in mind timely and cost-effective methods for fire codes and safety regulations. To solve this issue, the contractor chose Trim-Tex Fire Rated 093V to be installed in the walls of the data center.

Trim-Tex Fire Rated 093V is an expansion bead that allows for up to ⅜" in controlled movement and is pink to indicate that it is fire rated material, accelerating the inspection process. The bead is UL listed and is lined with intumescent tape, which expands when exposed to heat. The intumescent tape replaces any fire backing that would otherwise be used for fire prevention, which ended up saving Valley Interior Systems time and money on materials and labor during the installation process. For finishing, the bead is lined with tear off strips for a smooth, clean finish.  


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project facts

Cost of project: $600 million
Square feet: Over 830 Acres
Architect: Macgregor Associates Architects
General Contractor: Whiting-Turner
Contractor: Valley Interior Systems

trim-tex products

Fire Rated 093V 

Mud Set Rigid Low Profile

Flat Tear Away 

⅝" Tear Away L Bead

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