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Flat Tear Away Case Study: AMLI Lofts

Chicago, IL

AMLI Lofts is a multiple award-winning 11-story, two-tower, sustainable, upscale apartment community comprised of 398 apartment homes.

To prevent interior cracking and maintain a high-end, luxurious look for years to come, Walsh Construction Company and Denk & Roche Builders used Deflection Bead. Its flexible gasket protects interior corners from cracking while allowing for building compression and movement. This helps each wall will maintain luxurious, smooth lines without the need for patching.

Windows at AMLI Lofts feature Flat Tear Away bead. The tear away edge makes for simple installation with a high-end, machine-finished appearance every time.

  • Flat Tear Away and Deflection Bead were installed at the AMLI Lofts, a 398 unit apartment complex in Chicago.
    Photo Credit: Curbed Chicago
  • Deflection Bead was installed at the head of wall to protect AMLI Lofts from the effects of building movement.
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  • 33cfba50cc81a354945bb18c403889a6_f2836.jpg
  • For a simple installtion, flat Tear Away was installed around the window mullions in the AMLI Lofts.
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  • 42bf2c70a6a118338f8b7829031b5e12_f2832.jpg
  • 7a473c1e58cae58c1161b397fbd45be2_f2835.jpg


Size: 2 x 11-story apartment towers; 398 units
Architects: Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture and NORR Illinois Inc
General Contractor: Walsh Construction Company
Drywall Company: Denk & Roche Builders


Flat Tear Away
Deflection Bead

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