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Deflection Bead Case Study: Kraus-Anderson HQ

Minneapolis, MN

The Elliot Park Hotel, will be part of Kraus Anderson's new downtown Minneapolis, MN mixed-used development located between S. 8th Street and 9th Street along Fifth Avenue S. The redevelopment of the former Kraus Anderson headquarters includes a new five story headquarters for Kraus Anderson along with a 17 story residential building called "H.Q.", which will include a 4 story Finnegan's Micro-Brewery.

Contractor, Olympic Companies, installed Wall Mounted Deflection bead against the concrete deck to prevent drywall cracks from movement in the multi-story building. Deflection Bead also prevents unsightly gaps from appearing with the utilization of a flexible gasket that compresses and contracts with the movement of the building.

  • Kraus Anderson Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN used Trim-Tex Drywall Products to finish the 17 story building.
    Photo Credit: Kraus Anderson
  • Installing Deflection Bead at head of wall in Kraus-Anderson headquarters.
  • 243562c31ac9254ec199840a93717ce7_f4341.jpg
  • 3751b72cd3eeadbed6ece531dcdb324a_f4342.jpg
  • 41d630a236cbe792d9f7b941b2bfbe6a_f4346.jpg
  • Working with Angle Master, a flexible corner trim, in Kraus-Anderson headquarters. _f4344.jpg
  • Deflection Bead installed at head of wall in Kraus-Anderson headquarters to protect interior from movement.
  • 3772ab531006540cbeb49c31f176167d_f4347.jpg
  • 17540978a1c91ddf3a24254df17c4397_f4353.jpg


Number of Stories: 17
Guest Rooms: 168
Architect: Pope Architects, ESG Architects
Developer: Kraus-Anderson
Drywall Contractor: Olympic Companies



Wall-Mounted Deflection Bead

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