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Deflection Bead Case Study: Homewood Suites

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Homewood Suites by Hilton, an extended stay hotel, provides spacious suites located outside of Philadelphia. With concrete ceilings, movement was a concern for the four-story hotel. Movement can impact interior finishes, including cracking, crushing, degradation, and noise. To protect the interior from the effects of deflection, Trim-Tex Deflection Bead was installed at the head of wall.

Trim-Tex invented Deflection Bead to protect the inside corners from cracks due to the building effects of deflection. This product features a flexible gasket at the top that is designed to attach to drywall and compress against the concrete deck when movement occurs. Deflection Bead also features a tear off strip that is removed after installation, leaving clean, crisp lines.

  • Deflection Bead was installed at head of wall in Homewood Suites to protect building from movement.
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4 Story Hotel
Drywall Contractor: Juls Drywall


Wall Mounted Deflection Bead

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