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Deflection Bead Case Study: Millworks Lofts

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The old industrial Millworks Lofts has been reborn from run-down factory and sheds, and transformed into a much needed affordable housing structure. The developer Dominion kept the 88-year old original factory, warehouse and lumber shed, and converted them into 78 affordable housing units. The complex represents Minneapolis’ 1920's sash and door industry. Architect and designer BKV Group designed the Millworks Lofts to provide modern amenities, while keeping the historic character of the building with exposed brick, wooden panels and restored 1/3 of the original windows.  

Before_After_Millworks Lofts

General Contractors Weis Builders and contractors RTL Construction used Trim-Tex products onsite for their building solution needs. The Wall Mounted Deflection Bead was chosen as the solution to withstand the stress of the Minneapolis weather fluctuation, and Deflection bead provides the perfect protection against building movement where walls meet the ceiling. It features a tall gasket that is designed to compress and expand under deflection, preventing inside corner cracking while maintaining a clean look against the wall. It provides protection for up to 7/16" of deflection. Tear off strip leaves a clean finished edge. It can be used in fire-rated and non fire-rated assemblies.

The Tear Away L Bead is another product used during construction. Used to finish the rough edge of the drywall, it features a tear off strip that makes the finishing process easy, clean and sharp without getting mud on windows and walls.

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project facts

Cost of project: 35 million
Square feet: 30,000
Developer: Dominion
Architect: BKV Group
General Contractor: Weis Builders
Contractor: RTL Construction 

trim-tex products

9220 Wall Mounted Deflection Bead
9010 Tear Away L Bead

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