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Building Conversions: Honoring History While Ushering in Modern Development

Phoenix, arizona

Sprouting up from the desert floor, The Stewart emerges as a new hallmark on the evolving skyline of Phoenix, AZ. The 19-story high rise apartment building is the first of its kind to be constructed in downtown Phoenix since the 1950s and is a marker of the development that the city is undergoing.

The unique design to the interior of the Stewart is homage to the project being an adaptation of the historic 1947 Stewart Motor Co. dealer showroom. After a series of contentious community meetings over the preservation of the building and the preemptive partial demolition of the historic car dealership, CCBG Architects had to be creative in how they went about fusing modern design with historic preservation. The solution CCBG came up with attempts to balance 1940s architecture with a minimalistic design.

In looking for a solution that would bring balance between the two seemingly different structural designs, the project contractor AROK needed building materials that would be innovative enough to combine the unique features of each era. AROK decided on Trim-Tex Tear Away L Bead for the parts of the building that terminate against different substrates, such as concrete or other exposed materials that remain from the old dealer showroom.  Trim-Tex Tear Away L Bead is designed to be installed against the rough edge of drywall and features a tear away strip to provide a clean finish after mudding.


Another design aspect that needed to be considered were the remnant sweeping curves and off angle corners in the 1940s dealer showroom design. In order to achieve a durable finish against the off angle corners, AROK chose Trim-Tex Splayed Corner Bead. Because all Trim-Tex corner beads are made with dent resistant, rust proof vinyl, Trim-Tex Splayed Corner Bead ensures a durable solution that will lengthen the life of the building and save AROK on callback costs.

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project facts

Cost: $80 Million
Number of Stories: 19
Contractor: AROK
General Contractor: UEB Builders
Developer: Aspirant Development
Architect: CCBG Architects Inc. 

trim-tex products

9010 Tear Away L Bead
4210 Splayed Corner Bead

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