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BOSS Magazine feature: Trim-Tex Creating A Community

Joe outreach communityAs the excitement for the upcoming Trim-Tex 50th Anniversary approaches in 2019, Trim-Tex is happy to be featured online in BOSS Magazine as a company known for creative innovation, education and outreach. 

Trim-Tex is a solution-based company that continues to seek out new and creative ways to design effective quality-based product solutions for their customer needs. Advancements and change in the industry are requiring new ways to think and solve current issues. By designing products like the 093V Fire Rated Expansion Bead and Magic Corner Expansion Bead for example, Trim-Tex strives to be in the forefront of new developmental trends.

Trim-Tex values the importance of environmental sustainability by producing products that are made of more than 70% recycled materials, creating a greener environment and work culture. Also, with a commitment to employee education and community outreach, Trim-Tex stands as a leader and example in the drywall building solutions industry. To learn more about how Trim-Tex is “Creating a Community” follow this link to the full article on BOSS Magazine.

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