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2019 Money Saving Products: Deflection Bead


Trim-Tex is proud to announce the 2019 Money Saving Product award from BUILDINGS for Trim-Tex Deflection Bead.

Traditionally the head of wall detail (at the inside corner where the wall meets the ceiling) is filled with caulk and/or finished with paper tape. Due to building movement in multi-story structures (deflection) cracks form at this juncture due to the fact that the caulk and/or paper tape is not designed to move with the building. This crack requires continual maintenance or remains an unsightly eye-sore.

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Deflection Bead replaces the need for caulk or paper tape, and eliminates the possibility of cracking saving money on continual maintenance costs, time, and inconvenience. Preventing drywall cracks keeps buildings looking like new for longer.

Caulking and/or paper taping the head of wall drywall detail has never performed as an ideal solution. Deflection bead is the only product of its kind to address this interior finishing challenge. A co-extruded flexible gasket compresses and expands as the building moves to prevent cracking while maintaining a clean inside corner finish.

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