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093X-V Case Study: Lakeside Village of Oak Brook

Oak Brook, il

The Lakeside Village of Oak Brook is a four-story 315 multi-family development with high-end features that is built on six vacant acres in DuPage County, in Oakbrook. The development designed by Baranyk Associates, features an urban “Texas donut” design with the residential component to be constructed around a central core parking garage. This will allow the residents to park on the same floor they live on, eliminate the visibility of the parking structure, while exhibiting the exterior design.

The McShane Construction company was chosen by Interforum Holdings to complete the development. Contractor Service Drywall used Trim-Tex Fire Rated 093X-V Expansion Bead during construction. The 093X-V replaces the fire backing preparation and materials needed when a non-fire rated expansion control product is used. Pink coloring quickly indicates to inspectors that the product is fire rated. Listed under U300 and U400-Series Wall or Partition Design in the UL Fire Resistance Directory, the 093X-V features intumescent tape which expands when exposed to heat. Like our regular 093V it features 3/8” movement and tear away strips to keep the middle clean.

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project facts

438 ,800 square Feet
4 story multi-family
Developer: Interforum Holdings
Architect: Baranyk
General Contractor: McShane Construction
Contractor: Service Drywall

trim-tex products

Fire Rated 093X-V Expansion Bead

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