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‘Magicians Revealing Our Secrets’: Q&A w/ Refresh Home Improvements

Dan and Steve Tuer from Refresh Home Improvements open up about corner bead, social media ...

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Answering All Your Questions About 847™ Spray Adhesive

In this article, we answer some of the most common questions about 847 Spray Adhesive our ...

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Matt Risinger’s Secrets to Modern Details

Matt Risinger of 'The Build Show' reveals a few of his secrets to modern details in drywal...

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Use Super L Bead to Quickly Finish Window Returns Like a Pro

Window returns can be a pain for drywall finishers — use Super L Bead to quickly finish wi...

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What’s the Big Deal About Buttboard?

What's the big deal about Buttboard? Take a closer look, and you’ll see a whole lot worth ...

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Fire & Sound Gaskets Case Study: Office Center – Harrisburg, PA

By using Trim-Tex's Fire & Sound Gaskets, this Pennsylvania commercial crew took care of t...

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How to Finish Shower/Bath Enclosures

To finish shower/bath enclosures, your task is to ensure water can’t get into that small g...

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Soft or Sharp Drywall Corners: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to the decision between soft or sharp drywall corners, as long as you choose...

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Why This Residential Drywall Contractor Switched to Vinyl Corner Bead

Originally, the choice to switch from metal corner bead to vinyl wasn’t actually Juan’s to...

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Mud Masters: Installing Fast Edge® Paper with the AMES MudRunner®

By installing Fast Edge Paper with the AMES MudRunner, you’ll have even novice drywall fin...

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All Your Questions About Hotrod XL, Answered

Hotrod XL is the muscle car of firestopping solutions — here are all your questions about ...

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How to Finish Drywall Around Windows with Tear Away L Bead

Here’s how to finish drywall around windows with Tear Away L Bead, as demonstrated by Stev...

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How to Finish Around Archways Like a Pro

Here’s how to finish around archways like a pro, with a demonstration from a master of the...

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What Is the Black Widow® Pro Sander?

Black Widow Pro Sander the go-to abrasive choice for pro drywall finishers because it make...

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Drywall Finishing Solutions for Minimalist Design

By learning to integrate drywall finishing solutions for minimalist design, rooms can quic...

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Fast Edge Paper Case Study: The Avalyn - Chula Vista, CA

For this luxury apartment complex in Chula Vista, Calif., the resiliency of Trim-Tex's Fas...

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Alice Brooking: Women in Drywall

Alice Brooking, a taper from Auckland, New Zealand, is finding balance between working as ...

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What Makes Magic Corner So Magical?

It's been used in tens of millions of homes and massive buildings like Chicago’s United Ce...

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Drywall 101: Prevent Drywall Cracks

Ceilings, walls, and edges all require specific consideration to prevent drywall cracks fr...

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What Is Super Seal Tear Away L Bead?

What is Super Seal Tear Away L Bead? It’s your superpowered solution to replace caulk, red...

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Why Vinyl Corner Beads? Sustainability!

There are quite a few very good reasons to choose vinyl corner beads over the metal kind, ...

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How to Install Paper-Covered Corner Bead Like a Pro

Here’s how to install paper-covered corner bead like a pro, courtesy of our friend PRC Tap...

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Can Social Media Make the Drywall Industry More Accessible to Women?

With its infinite possibilities and the capacity to build a virtual bridge between users, ...

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How to Install Flat Tear Away (With Drywall Shorty)

Learn how to install Flat Tear Away around a fireplace mantle from our expert friend Lydia...

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Shower Bead Case Study: The Avalyn - Chula Vista, CA

For this SoCal drywall team, finishing around shower enclosures was time-consuming, messy ...

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