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Joyce Nieves: Women in Drywall

In this edition of “Women in Drywall,” we introduce you to Joyce Nieves, a relatively new ...

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Trim Tex's Learning Culture Turns Teachers Into Students

We encourage everyone in our company to open themselves up to new ways of thinking — we be...

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The 3 Cornerstones of an Unbeatable 2020 Business Plan for Contractors

A business plan for contractors in 2020 is crucial; if you don’t have a roadmap for where ...

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Top 3 Reasons to Use Trim-Tex Fast Edge® on Your Next Remodel Project

We can't stop talking about the ways our latest innovation, Trim-Tex Fast Edge®, will make...

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Most Requested Product Samples of 2019

Have you tried to top 5 most requested Trim-Tex products of 2019? Take a look back at the ...

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ProReModeler Features Trim-Tex: High-Tech Taping Solutions

Pro ReModeler recently partnered with Trim-Tex in a recent Boardwalk Builders project that...

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Products Magazine: Trim-Tex Trim Options for Creative Space-Making

Trim-Tex was recently featured in Products Magazine’s 9 Drywall Trim Options for Creative ...

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Fire Bead - Fire Rated Deflection Protection

Trim-Tex Fire Bead is a fire rated wall mount deflection bead that provides 1- and 2-hour fir...

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Fast Edge Next Generation Mud & Done Cornerbead

Finish the drywall on time and save money with faster install. Fast Edge, the new cornerbe...

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The Next Generation of Corner Bead is Here

Fast Edge® Family of Corner Beads installs faster and easier compared to the competition.

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Customer Service FAQ: How Do I Remove 847 Over Spray?

Customer Service FAQ: How do I remove excess 847™ over spray?

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Kayla Beckett: Women in Drywall

In part four of our “Women in Drywall” series, we speak with Kayla Beckett, a multi-talent...

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The Effects Of Building Movement on Interior Finishes and Solutions

Building components, especially finishes, have to contend with many structural and environ...

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Lydia Crowder: Women in Drywall

In part three of our “Women in Drywall” series, we speak with Lydia Crowder, a drywall fin...

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Trim-Tex Expansion Products in the Hospitality Industry

High volume, high turnover, guest comfort and expectations: architects designing for the h...

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Preventing Drywall Cracks Against Ceilings in Mixed-Use Structures: Arena Place

In order to prevent cracking from occurring due to building movement, Orion Construction c...

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Building Conversions: Honoring History While Ushering in Modern Development

Contractor Construction Solutions advocated for Trim-Tex Silver Reveal and Pre-Made Inters...

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Finish Corners with Trim-Tex's New Family of Mud On Corner Bead

Fast Edge provides finishers with a dent resistant corner while featuring a profile that r...

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Wall Mounted Deflection Bead: The Local

By allowing room for building movement, E&K of Phoenix, Inc. saved in potential time and m...

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2019 Money Saving Products: Deflection Bead

Trim-Tex is proud to announce the 2019 Money Saving Product award from BUILDINGS for Trim-...

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Trim-Tex Celebrates 50th Anniversary

As Trim-Tex passes the 50 year milestone, they look forward to the next 50 years of provid...

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Brittany Luly: Women in Drywall

There’s a real shortage of skilled labor in drywall, and in the trades generally. What mos...

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Leah Pawluk: Women in Drywall

In this second edition of “Women in Drywall” we’ll introduce you to Leah Pawluk (pronounce...

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Flat Access Panels: Timbers Kiawah

25 minutes south of Charleston, Timbers Resorts bought an $11 million oceanfront lot locat...

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Prevent Drywall Cracks

Ceilings, walls, and edges all require specific consideration to prevent drywall cracks fr...

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