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Fast Edge Paper Case Study: The Avalyn - Chula Vista, CA

For this luxury apartment complex in Chula Vista, Calif., the resiliency of Trim-Tex's Fas...

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Alice Brooking: Women in Drywall

Alice Brooking, a taper from Auckland, New Zealand, is finding balance between working as ...

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What Makes Magic Corner So Magical?

It's been used in tens of millions of homes and massive buildings like Chicago’s United Ce...

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Drywall 101: Prevent Drywall Cracks

Ceilings, walls, and edges all require specific consideration to prevent drywall cracks fr...

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What Is Super Seal Tear Away L Bead?

What is Super Seal Tear Away L Bead? It’s your superpowered solution to replace caulk, red...

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Why Vinyl Corner Beads? Sustainability!

There are quite a few very good reasons to choose vinyl corner beads over the metal kind, ...

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How to Install Paper-Covered Corner Bead Like a Pro

Here’s how to install paper-covered corner bead like a pro, courtesy of our friend PRC Tap...

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Can Social Media Make the Drywall Industry More Accessible to Women?

With its infinite possibilities and the capacity to build a virtual bridge between users, ...

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How to Install Flat Tear Away (With Drywall Shorty)

Learn how to install Flat Tear Away around a fireplace mantle from our expert friend Lydia...

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Shower Bead Case Study: The Avalyn - Chula Vista, CA

For this SoCal drywall team, finishing around shower enclosures was time-consuming, messy ...

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Cast Your Shadow: Where to Use Z Shadow Bead

Here’s where to use Z Shadow Bead, whether you’re looking to jazz up your base trim or you...

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Kaila & Allison Gilbert: Women in Drywall

In this edition of 'Women in Drywall,' meet Kaila & Allison Gilbert, the tapers and sister...

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How Our Code Compliance Solutions Are Tested for Soundproofing Power

We visited North Orbit Acoustic Laboratories to put our solutions head-to-head against sou...

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The New, Revamped 2022 Trim-Tex Catalog Is Here!

With the 2022 Trim-Tex catalog, we wanted to give drywall pros a catalog that’s as clean, ...

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What Happens If You Swing a Baseball Bat at Vinyl Corner Bead?

The guys at Refresh Home Improvements decided to put our money where our mouth is to test ...

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Why This Pro Builder Chose Chamfer Bead for His Dream Home

Jason Mollak is a successful pro builder who is constructing his dream home in Omaha, Neb....

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Want an Alternative to Metal Corner Bead? Try Closed Angle Vinyl

If you’re looking for an alternative to metal corner bead and aren’t used to vinyl, we rec...

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Sound Gasket Case Study: The Avalyn - Chula Vista, CA

The drywalling crew behind a massive luxury apartment complex project in SoCal used Trim-T...

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Finish in a Flash: How to Use Fast Caps

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using this ingenious little time-saver, here’s how to ...

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Top 5 Trim-Tex Articles of 2021

This past year, we published an article every single week — these were your top 5 Trim-Tex...

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What Is Buttboard and Why Should I Use It?

People want to know: What is Buttboard? How do I use it? Why do some of my drywall buddies...

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Drywall Shorty Shows You How to Install Vinyl Corner Bead

In this video, Lydia Crowder, AKA Drywall Shorty, shows you how to install vinyl corner be...

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Top 5 Most Popular Trim-Tex Solutions of 2021

Drywall finishing was back in full swing this year, and for some, it was busier than ever ...

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Trim-Tex Gives Back: Cards for Hospitalized Kids

One of Trim-Tex’s Core Values is to “Pay It Forward,” and today we're spotlighting a chari...

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2 Ways to Finish Chamfer Bead at Baseboards

These are the two best ways to finish Chamfer Bead at baseboards — there’s the hard way an...

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